Bmw Presents A Zero-emission Electric Motorcycle That Aspires To Become A “symbol For A New Era”


BMW has presented its new bet, the Motorrad Concept Link, a zero-emission urban motorcycle that, to respond to new demands, deepens the connection between the driver and the vehicle. According to its promoters, this model will become a ” symbol for a new era” of mobility.

With a different and distinctive design that could be seen in the Concorso d ‘Eleganza Villa d’ Este 2017, in which the brand presented this model, the Motorrad Concept Link responds to three basic objectives: functionality, digitization and technical architecture , which is at the service of electric driving, for which it incorporates flat batteries in the lower part of the motorcycle, and compact traction on the back wheel.

The proposal, in the words of Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, “represents a new concept of urban mobility, and links the digital and analog world, focusing on the driver and his needs. Because of the way in which it links functionality and digitization, it works as a means of transport and communication . In short, for Heinrich this model and its “timeless and reduced style is, more than a concept, a symbol” .

The novelties of Motorrad Concept Link are many. Among them its design and the commitment to showcase the technology used, which is why the traction unit, the cooling unit or the belt, among other parts, are not completely covered. The same happens with the cables that connect the battery, whose orange color exerts a powerful contrast with the rest of the bike.

The combination of the liquid titanium metal color with the matte black of the body, reinforces the design of the two-wheeled vehicle, which presents a low body and more elongated than usual, as well as a flat seat that, due to its lower height in front of other models, it makes it easier to get into the vehicle from the sides and from the rear. Motorrad Concept Link provides not only design and connectivity, since it also takes into account the acceleration needs of urban driving and incorporates reverse gear to facilitate maneuvering.

Making it easy for the driver, based on technology, is another key aspect of this model, which keeps the driver connected while driving and even manages the driver’s agenda to control what his next destination is, the possible routes to get there faster or to enjoy the best view or, why not, to independently select the most appropriate music for the moment.

The model offers information to the pilot in two different areas so that he can easily distinguish the one that is most important. Thus, key data on speed, navigation and battery status are displayed on the windshield; while the rest of the information is accessible on a panel located under the handlebars, through which the driver can directly activate the functions that interest him with touch buttons.

More information at BMW.

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