Book Environmental Education And Responsible Consumption


Update: After the successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is finally published and for sale. You canbuy it in this link. For more information

Environmental Education and Responsible Consumption Book

Jose Liétor, Doctor in Biology (specializing in Ecology), seeks the necessary funding to be able to publish his book ” Environmental Education and Responsible Consumption ” through a crowdfunding campaign.

With a clear vocation in Environmental Education and everything related to Responsible Consumption, after spending 15 years dedicated to it, he has reflected in a manual a good part of the activities and dynamics that he has put into practice over these years with thousands of citizens, all aimed at modifying consumption habits.

The book collects 60 creative group dynamics, designed mainly for adolescents and adults (adaptable to the childhood stage) that connect environmental problems ( global warming and climate change, deforestation, waste, loss of biodiversity, depletion of resources …) with the Domestic consumption. The reader can self-sufficiently put into practice any of the dynamics.

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