Bowl-shaped Roofs To Collect Rainwater And Cool Naturally In Arid Climates

Water scarcity is suffered more in some regions than others. For this reason, BMDesign Studios proposes a design for the most arid climates, an architectural solution called a concave roof, a flysheet system designed to collect and store rainwater, to combat water scarcity and also achieve natural cooling of the building.

The concave roof was designed for arid environments, where rainwater harvesting can be difficult due to high evaporation rates and low annual rainfall. This flysheet system, which includes a vaulted ceiling below a bowl-shaped catchment area, is designed to help collect even the smallest amounts of rain, which melt into larger droplets – just enough for collection earlier. it evaporates.

Furthermore, a concave roof on top of a convex roof favors natural cooling through the movement of the shade and the wind between the two roofs.

The bowl-shaped catchment area is sloped enough to bring the raindrops to a central point, where the rain is funneled into a storage system. Spaces between the walls are used to house the storage system, in a way that helps regulate the internal temperature of the building.

Designer:  BMDesign Studios.

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