British Engineer Uses Recycled Plastic To Create 60% Stronger And Cheaper Asphalt

This new asphalt has caught the attention of investors, including billionaire Richard Branson. The use of recycled plastic is being used both in the paving of streets  and in the construction of houses. One of the most recent examples came from a trio of UK entrepreneurs. This is the development of a high quality asphalt produced in a much cheaper way, as it uses plastic waste.

Christened MR6, it has less bitumen than conventional asphalt. The company, MacRebur, notes that the result is a product that is easier to apply, compared to others. It also ensures that this asphalt is 60% stronger, which increases the life of the road.

Presented as an inexpensive and long-lasting asphalt, made with 100% recycled materials, the process is beneficial for several reasons, including helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels, the carbon footprint and the amount of trash that goes to the landfill. In addition, it requires less investment in maintenance.

The idea came from Toby McCartney’s Engineer when he was working in South India. When he returned to the UK he teamed up with two friends to create a mixture of plastic waste that can be added to the base material for asphalt production and thus the MR6 was born.

For the development of the product they have needed 18 months of tests and more tests.

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