Burdock, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Burdock is a European plant that can grow to about two meters tall in some cases. This plant is characterized by its flowers, which look like a purple fluff that is born during the first year of gestation and then spreads during the second year.

This plant is easy to recognize by its elongated leaves and those characteristic flowers that cannot be confused with others.

Burdock does not come from a specific country or region, although it can be said that the Greeks were the first to test its medicinal properties, in fact its name comes from a Greek word that means bear.

It is a very beautiful plant that can even be used to decorate gardens, but the truth is that it also contains many nutrients and beneficial components for our body.

With the proper preparation, burdock can be helpful for digestive and kidney problems and especially to treat skin problems. You may wonder how such a fragile plant can become so powerful, calm down, because this is an answer that we are going to answer below when we mention only some of the “powers” of burdock.

Burdock properties and medicinal uses.

Most of the nutrients housed in burdock are found specifically in the root of the plant. So this part is what is used in most home remedies that are made with it.

The first quality of burdock is that it is a plant with cleansing and anti-stricture properties, so it is an excellent product to care for the skin. Burdock can be easily tonic through an infusion and can be applied both to clean the skin and to disinfect superficial wounds on it.

The second quality of burdock is that it is a good digestive as it enhances the production of bile, which is essential to be able to digest food and extract from it all the essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of our body.

Burdock tonic can also be used to treat all types of minor bruises, since within itself, it contains many compounds that have anti-inflammatory functions, you just have to apply it to the affected area and after a few minutes the swelling will have improved thanks to this natural remedy.

Burdock is used as a remedy to also take care of our liver and kidneys. Burdock has substances that help detoxify our body, which favors all liver functions that are housed in our body.

In the same way, the infusion of burdock can help reduce the formation of stones and rheumatic problems, improving the functioning of the kidneys.

This gift of nature can be found in other countries under the name of burdock, cadillo or cachorrea.

Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any treatment with medicinal plants.

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