Bv-10 Chair. Limited Series Made From Genuine Salvage Vespa® Scooters

BV-10 chair.

They are all handmade products. Due to their unique and unusual character, these products are used in advertising campaigns and television programs, as elements of escape and props. Although, as a general rule, most of its products have a functional nature. They like to consider them as pieces halfway between design and art.

BV-10 chair.  Limited series made from authentic salvage Vespa® scooters.

The BV-10 chair can be ordered by direct order from bel & bel (also including the possibility to choose the color and finishes). All the chairs are made from authentic scooters: the fact of being recovered and restored makes them authentically handcrafted pieces. Each of the chairs is made in his Studio-Workshop, in Barcelona.

Some features:

  • Improved internal structure (by laser cutting).
  • Top quality components: Mechanisms, piston, base and wheels of Italian creation.
  • High-end paints and varnishes.
  • Endless color combinations.
  • Reduced delivery times.

Each of the BV-10 chairs has a unique character and is made to order in the colors chosen by the customer.

Also surprising is this armchair with the front of a six hundred.

Armchair with six hundred

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