Byton Suv, The Chinese Electric Suv With A 49-inch Screen

Byton SUV

Chinese company Future Mobility has unveiled its new Byton SUV at CES 2018 in Las Vegas – an electric concept that it has dubbed the ‘Smart Intuitive Vehicle’ or SIV for short.

Byton’s SUV, due to go into production in 2019, will be offered with either a single electric motor or a dual motor configuration. The single engine configuration will deliver 272 horsepower to the rear wheels and will have a range of around 400 kilometers thanks to a 71 kWh battery. The dual engine configuration, meanwhile, will have a power of 476 hp and a range of 500 kilometers from a 95 kWh battery. Byton also wants to incorporate Level 3 autonomous driving, but it is unclear if it will arrive in time for launch.

The interior of the Byton is the one that wants to make a difference. The dashboard is occupied by a gigantic digital screen, more than a meter wide. The huge screen is joined by the smaller 8-inch screen mounted on the steering wheel. If these screens sound distracting to you, we agree. The system will also take advantage of gadgets that the user can wear to monitor the driver’s physical condition.

The Byton – especially the large oversized digital display – may seem like a futuristic design, a product of some designer’s fantasy, but the company promises that it is indeed a workable product. The car for sale should cost around $45,000 and go on sale in 2020. It will hit the Chinese market before then, with plans to put it on Chinese roads in 2019.

Byton’s SUV Concept connects both the automotive and digital industries in a way that will deliver a completely new connected experience for people on the road. The result is the world’s first intelligent intuitive vehicle, or SIV, “stated Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, co-founder of Byton.

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