Cadillac Lyriq Ev, Gm’s Bet To Compete With Tesla

Cadillac has unveiled its Lyriq electric car, the first car based on GM’s next-generation EV modular platform and the forerunner of a new electric design language for the brand.

Its nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum (NCMA) battery has a capacity of 100 kWh, for a range of more than 480 km.

At an online event, GM spoke of ” redefining American luxury ” with ” experiences that engage the senses, anticipate desires and allow our customers to take extraordinary journeys .”

The design team is excited about the outcome on this Cadillac, and the Ultium EV drive system that will sustain GM’s electric future up to the Hummer EV looks like a solid, flexible platform to build on.

The Ultium system is based on a battery pack at the bottom, designed around the idea of ​​using as few large cells as possible. The cells themselves are large flat bags rather than stacked cylinders, with the battery electronics built into the modules themselves.

NCMA’s battery chemistry adds aluminum to the cathode, removing 70% of the cobalt GM was previously using. The result should be a cheaper battery with higher density and higher charge capacity. The system will support DC fast charging at rates up to 150 kW, or Tier 2 charging at 19 kW.

The Lyriq will use a single rear engine, but there is also the option to add a second engine up front for AWD and high performance applications. All that will be lost is a little space in the trunk.

Cadillac is using the Lyriq as a showcase for some other interesting technology, such as “dual-panel” augmented reality displays. The information will appear as if it is floating on the hood, other will appear superimposed on the road.

Autopilot with on-demand lane changes, and super-tight parking spaces are made more accessible as the Lyriq can now park by itself, parallel or perpendicular, whether the driver is in the car or not.

It incorporates many small details in the interior trim, which come together into a well-integrated whole, and the dashboard and infotainment systems are combined into a single colossal display that extends to the outer edge of the center console.

The lighting is modern both inside and out. When you notice the driver approaching, the Lyriq lights up with a big smile on the grill logo, the door handles, the top of the steering wheel, and the backlighting behind the speaker grills, which use light creatively.

The Lyriq is described as a “show car”, but designed for large-scale production.

Production will not take place until 2022, so there is plenty of room for changes because in two years it can get “out of date” with how fast the market is moving today.

The following launch video is worth watching:

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