California Officially Becomes The First State To Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic bags

California has made history by becoming the first US state to officially ban the use of plastic bags. The referendum was approved on November 8 by a narrow margin of 51.97% in favor to 48.03% against. The narrow margin of victory has come despite a $6 million campaign by the plastic bag manufacturing industry outside of California.

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California voters have made a decision against a misleading, multi-million dollar campaign by out-of-state plastic bag manufacturers, ” said Californians Against Waste (CAW) Campaign Co-Chair Mark Murray. ” This is a major environmental victory, which will mean an immediate elimination of 25 million plastic bags that are polluting California every day, threatening wildlife .”

The state of California passed Bill 270 in 2014, which was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. But, as we see in the Sacramento Bee, the American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) funded a campaign to repeal the law, claiming that it would destroy thousands of jobs in the state and cost residents hundreds of dollars each year.

Propositions 65 and 67  will apply statewide the law passed in 2014 to ban plastic bags in stores and supermarkets, it also requires stores to charge consumers 10 cents for paper bags or thicker plastic bags .

Governor Brown wants this statewide ban to set a precedent in the rest of the US, lagging behind in this area compared to other countries such as China, India, Morocco, England, France or Senegal, among others, which already have regulations in place. this sense.

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