Caña Dulce Permaculture, A Step Beyond Organic Farming

Permaculture Caña Dulce

Caña Dulce is a farm in Coín dedicated to permaculture : a philosophy of life that encompasses sustainable agriculture, bio-construction or yoga.

At the Caña Dulce farm they have been experimenting with this science for 18 years, which they consider very relevant in our time.

The project sits on a farm that was abandoned for 13 years. The beginnings were not easy, they did not have a water source, no electrical connection, no housing, no driveway, no irrigation system…. They had hardly any trees in poor condition, many reeds, brambles and a great challenge ahead.

During the first months we observed, they documented themselves both theoretically and practically, consulting extensive bibliographies and talking with the field elders, permaculture colleagues, organic farmers and ecologists of this Andalusian region.

They have created an experimentation center for Permaculture, bio-construction, edible forest, synergistic gardens, organic farming, aquaponics, renewable energies…

They have created an educational project that offers a space for courses on permaculture. They have a wide range of techniques and tests with various results in relation to green building, the result of experimentation.

In Caña Dulce they have studied and experimented with different agricultural techniques: natural cultivation of Masanobu Fukuoka, synergistic gardens of Emilia Hazelip, “Another orchard!” by Jean Pain, intensive agro-ecology, collection of edible wild plants …

You can know a little more about this project and its protagonists in this video:

If you are interested in delving into this topic, I recommend this  Manual written by the “father” of Permaculture available for download.

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