Cat Food Dispenser, With Recycled Bottles

Cat food dispenser

This time we are going to make a simple, quick to make and environmentally friendly craft. It is much more than a simple feeder, because it is a feed dispenser for cats. We are sure that your pet will love it.

For this, we will need the following materials:

  • Three liter and a half or two liter plastic bottles should be more or less square.
  • Hot melt glue gun.
  • Marker pen.
  • Cutter.
  • Scissors.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Meter meter (just in case).

It is preferable that the three plastic bottles that we will use are not round, because if they are, our dispenser could not be kept upright.

We will start by cutting the base of one of the bottles, take the extracted piece and place it on top of another bottle that will be located horizontally, forming a kind of “L”. Now we will outline the edges of the round piece that we cut using the marker. If you want, you can protect the bottle from marker marks by using the masking tape.

Once we have made the outline, we will proceed to use the cutter to mark the line where we are going to cut and continue it with the scissors. Also right next to that hole that we open, in the upper part of the bottle, we will cut another one where our pet will put her trunk to eat.

Now we cut the upper part of the third bottle, forming the hole through which we will serve the pet’s food. Make sure the base you cut from the first bottle can fit on top of this last bottle to act as a lid. If it is not tailored, you can rectify the cut.

The last step where we will use the cutter is to create a hole in the bottom and side of the third bottle, through which the feed will come out and will be sent to the base so that our pet can eat.

At this point we have all the cuts made, it only remains to join the two main bottles using the hot melt adhesive gun. The third bottle must be inserted in the first hole that you opened in the second bottle, with the side opening pointing towards the part where our pet will be eating.

Add adhesive to the edges of where you will insert the third bottle, but if you want you can reinforce it by adding a little more to the outside, but remember that if you use a lot you can melt the plastic, so you must be very careful and blow it as soon as you apply it.

You have finished, now you have an artifact in the shape of an “L”, which you will fill with your pet’s favorite feed serving it on top. Gravity will take care of keeping the “feeder” full, so you won’t worry about food for a few days. Cover it with the lid you created with the first bottle and it is ready for your cat or dog to start using it.

If you are a pet lover, you want to take care of the environment and you like to do crafts, this is perfect for you. Enjoy it!

Here is a video tutorial to make it:

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