Catdonals, 24-hour Permanent Feeding Points For Cats

José Luis Rodríguez, president of the non-profit association LlobreGats, sends us the data of a project that they carry out and we did not know.


Its objective is to make visible, dignify and improve the life of the urban cat colonies that are part of our fauna, fulfilling a fundamental role in the control of pests that carry serious diseases. To achieve this, they have implemented an initiative based on the recycling of different types of plastic, since it is a material with a long useful life and that withstands the climate well. In this way we take care of the environment, we manufacture less and reuse more.

Inside the CatHotel with polystyrene boxes, a motorcycle acrylic base and containers for water and food, all reused.

This initiative has worked perfectly for two years in various cities where they have been asked for help. In 50 neighborhoods they have reused about 3 tons of materials, 90% plastics (for information, the city of Barcelona has more than 800 controlled neighborhoods).

CatDonalds (two-wheeled container) with a fridge shelf in the front to place the wet food when the volunteer goes to feed the colony, on the sides there are openings for the cats to put their heads.

Using discarded plastics such as two-wheeled bins, refrigerator shelves and plastic jugs, they have created CatDonals – 24-hour permanent feeding points. With the large plastic garbage containers (CatHotels) they have also installed polystyrene boxes from hospitals where they can rest isolated from the cold, heat or rain.

CatDonals interior, protecting water and food in reused plastic jugs.

These and other initiatives related to plastic have attracted the attention of neighboring countries such as Andorra. The New York Feral Cats Initiative has given courses on the construction of urban feline shelters with audiovisuals from this association. The Montreal SPCA has asked you for some. Last month, they participated in the IX European Week of Waste Prevention with an online contest that opts for the European award and with a luxury jury with the writers Rosa Montero and Espido Freire and the Cat Award Welfare Agnès Dufau. Ruth Toledano, a renowned animal journalist, has written an article about this initiative in


More information:  LlobreGats

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