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The Japanese Government Values ​​dumping The Polluted Water From Fukushima Into The Ocean

The storage tanks installed by Tepco at the Fukushima plant will reach their limit in 2022: according to Japan’s Minister of the Environment, the only solution is to dump some of the contaminated water directly into the Pacific Ocean. Currently, Fukushima’s tanks contain 1 million cubic meters of contaminated water. The Japanese government is considering

The Tower In Beijing That Eliminates Air Pollution

The air purification tower designed to help reduce local air pollution in Beijing, designed by Studio Roosegaarde, is having fantastic results in China. The Smog Fighting Tower was installed in Beijing, a city known to all for its air pollution. Now the Chinese Ministry for Environmental Protection has announced that the air around the tower

Goal: Reduce Meat By 50% By 2050

Shutterstock Image The production and consumption of meat are bringing the planet closer to the abyss. Both from the climatic and environmental point of view. Greenpeace proposes solutions. The world must reduce meat production and consumption by 50% by 2050 to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. This is what is stated in