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Why Shouldn’t You Ever Kill A Spider?

Why not kill spiders. Image: Christine Bird – Shutterstock. Besides their appearance, most people fear spiders for one specific reason: their bite. If you are unsure of the type of spider, there is always the possibility that it is poisonous. However, only about 10% of spider bites cause some kind of skin problem. These types

Clean Graffiti

If you visit most cities around the world, you will surely see some graffiti. San Francisco and Montreal are full of colorful murals, and you will find similar art in Moscow or Buenos Aires. Reverse Graffiti works a bit differently: Artists create images on soiled surfaces – cleaning in areas with scrapers and cleaning brushes.

Turning Bath Water Into Beer

Brewers are using treated wastewater to make green beverages. Brewing uses a lot of water: from the irrigation needed to grow barley and hops to the water that ends up in the bottle. American brewers use an average of 7 liters of water to make one liter of beer. This has prompted craft breweries to