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Pet Bottles For Impressive Multi-color Ceiling

Designer Garth Britzman had a great idea to reuse those PET bottles that accumulate in our landfills. He uses them to mount this multi-colored ceiling. The bottles are tied, suspended and filled with liquid of different colors and perfectly fulfills its mission of protecting from the sun’s rays. Great idea for endless locations. Here is

How To Make Homemade Biscuits For Dogs

Making dog biscuits is easy. You can make healthy and delicious cookies for your pet yourself. Follow this simple recipe and show your puppy how much you love him. Today we are going to show you a delicious and healthy recipe to make food for your dog. Luckily, it is possible to pamper your pet

13 Homemade Recipes For Ecological Cleaning

Why not reduce our impact on the planet by making our own eco-friendly cleaning products ? In addition to contributing to the environment, we can also  save money. Today, the use of organic products has become a worldwide trend. This is thanks to the work of people and companies who love the environment, who explain

Anemona: Lamps With Pet Caps. Retrain Project.

The Retrain project is pleased to announce their latest work: The Anemona Series. Sea anemones are beings  halfway between plants  and animals, populating the sea  for more than 600  million years. After working for more than  two years reusing paper,  this series of lamps are  the first works carried out  reusing discarded plastic caps  .