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Why Are Battery Electric Vehicles The Future?

Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors This revealing chart shows us why battery electric vehicles beat their industry rivals. The following Transportation and Environment chart is a gem. He explains that battery electric vehicles are by far our most efficient car option, and clearly the future of transportation. We have seen these arguments so

Is Apple Working On Its Own Electric Car?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has hundreds of people working on a top-secret project: an electric mono-volume. The large-scale project, codenamed ” Titan “, is at a time of uncertainty. Steve Jobs’ dream can finally come true, the iCar. This news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Rumors have been running for years

Who Killed The Electric Car?

A documentary by Chris Paine that denounces the reasons electric cars were wiped off the map after their promising start in the 90s. It describes who was to blame for their disappearance. It tells the story of General Motors EV1, the first high-performance electric car marketed in 1996. Six years later, General Motors decided to

Dyson Could Be Developing An Electric Car

British appliance maker Dyson is developing an electric car at its Wiltshire headquarters, according to a report in The Guardian. This electric vehicle is said to be able to use small but very efficient motors. Most of the production of this vehicle will be financed by the British Government. The report quotes a statement made