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Iberdrola Inaugurates The First Battery Storage Plant Connected To The Distribution Network In Spain

Iberdrola has launched a multi-megawatt battery energy storage system (BESS) in rural Spain that will allow up to five hours of backup power to local networks in the event of a blackout. i-DE, the electricity distribution arm of the electricity company Iberdrola, has deployed a 3MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) in the municipality of

A Floating Offshore Wind Platform With Storage To Bring Renewable Energy Anywhere

The innovative project aims to deploy a floating turbine with storage to power remote coastal and island communities. A floating offshore wind platform equipped with energy storage that aims to bring renewable energy to remote coasts and islands has secured UK government backing for its development, including investigating a possible deployment off India. The Marlin

Storing Energy By Heating Stones To 600 ºc – Could Feed Denmark For Hours

Image: Shutter Ryder Shutterstock The excess energy generated by renewable sources requires sustainable storage solutions worldwide. Denmark has started a series of stone trials for district heating systems. High temperature thermal energy storage. The Danes are experimenting with stones for high-temperature thermal energy storage, a way to boost renewable energy in the country. Rocks are