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Madagascar Will Plant 60 Million Trees, The Largest Reforestation In Its History

Madagascar. Image: Shutterstock. Its president-elect is working to fulfill his electoral promise to recover the country’s forests and return the island green again. Madagascar has started an ambitious project : the planting of 60 million trees in the coming months. The island celebrates 60 years of its independence and at the beginning of January it

Autonomous Solar Chargers For Electric Vehicles, Without Connection To Commercial Electricity Grid

Electrify America has announced a $2 million investment in Envision Solar’s infrastructure. An effort that will increase the access of rural Californians to electric vehicle charging. The investment will serve to install 30 solar- powered “EV ARC 2020” charging stations with two Level 2 EV chargers each and help Electrify America continue to expand access

Anemokinetics, The Project That Uses The Movement Of Trees To Generate Green Electricity

Alexander Altenkov explores the potential for electricity generation from the repeated oscillatory movements of tree branches. Moscow-based artist and designer Alexander Altenkov has shared the results of a study exploring the potential of generating electricity through the repetitive oscillatory movements of tree branches. Inspired by the continuous flows of energy found in nature, the anemokinetics