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Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Marshmallow

When we talk about marshmallow, we immediately associate it with those edible and delicious sugar gums for children, which are usually eaten normal or hoes, as well as seen in series or movies on television. Oddly enough, those sweet marshmallows contained extracts from the marshmallow plant in their original recipe, hence the name of this

Oregon Resident Convicted Of Collecting Rainwater

Collecting rainwater on your property can now land you in jail, as an Oregon citizen who has just been sentenced to prison for doing just that has suffered first-hand. Who owns the rain? The United States government, apparently. Even today, it is a common practice in much of the world to collect rainwater for cultivation,

Free Online Courses Starting In May

Through the website Wwwhat’s new we have access to a list of university courses in English and Spanish, online, free and of different subjects and disciplines. Among the more than 200 courses that are compiled starting this May, at ecoinventos we have selected those that we consider most closely related to the profile of our