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Eucalyptus: The Myths Of A Cursed Tree

Eucalyptus. Image: Mingman Shutterstock Eucalyptus has always had a “bad press”. If everything bad that is said about eucalyptus trees were true, Australia, their native country, covered by immense eucalyptus forests, would be a dead continent, without life. To destroy natural forests to plant eucalyptus is a disaster, on that we are sure we all

“flygskam”, Traveling By Plane Has Become A Source Of Shame In Sweden

Stockholm airport. Image: Lia Koltyrina Shutterstock The Swedish airport operator reports a decline in passenger numbers, while railways are registering a record number of passengers: Since Greta Thunberg leads protests in the country, more and more Swedes are stopping flying for environmental reasons. Terms like “flygskam” (literally “airplane embarrassment”), “tagskryt” (bragging about going by train)

Burdock, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Burdock is a European plant that can grow to about two meters tall in some cases. This plant is characterized by its flowers, which look like a purple fluff that is born during the first year of gestation and then spreads during the second year. This plant is easy to recognize by its elongated leaves

From Indonesia, Edible And Biodegradable Seaweed Wrapper

They last 2 years, dissolve in water and are edible. Indonesia begins to write the future of biodegradable seaweed packaging. The controversy these days over biodegradable bags for wrapping fresh food in stores is likely to focus entirely on price equity and little on the real plastics problem: pollution. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition,