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Powerwall, Tesla’s Battery Depleted Until 2016

Powerwall, Tesla’s battery for storing renewable energy in homes, has exceeded all expectations. So far it has 38,000 reserves, which means it has already depleted its batteries as of June 2016. In addition they also have reserves for 2,500 of the largest commercial-scale batteries destined for the industry, Powerpack. The typical industrial installation is 10

Ecological Freighter

Study Sauter Carbon Offset Design He intends to build a 426 meter long merchant ship to transport oil around the world. The hybrid propulsion of the boat stands out thanks to its 20 sails on deck and a large number of solar panels to be installed. A few different sails but also applied to maritime transport

Bambineo. Bamboo Diapers

Diapers shaped in two sizes of bamboo towel. The bamboo towel is very soft, with a silky feel when new. This texture is slightly lost with washing, but its softness is always superior to that of cotton. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and is more absorbent than cotton. The bambineo diapers are made from two

Always Clean And More Efficient Solar Panels, The Secret Of Solarsharc

Manual cleaning of solar panels. Image: Panumas Yanuthai Shutterstock A new European research project has developed a self-cleaning photovoltaic coating technology capable of improving the efficiency of solar modules by 4%. Cleaning the solar panels is done in this easy and inexpensive way. Air pollution is putting great pressure on photovoltaics. According to recent research,