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Lappack. Briefcase With Recycled Paper.

Congresses and other similar events are increasingly an essential communication and networking tool for companies, universities, organizations, institutions … with the consequent need to deliver documentation, gifts and objects to store it. However, nowadays there is no product that is respectful with the environment, nor does it cover well all the needs of the attendees.

Self-consumption Photovoltaic Kit, Energy Just For You

Shutterstock Image Switching to clean energy for household supply is an increasingly widespread option. Its advantages are many, from not contributing to the environmental impact derived from polluting sources, to reducing electricity bills. However, taking the step and starting to take advantage of the energy that comes from the sun to illuminate a home and

Washup. Washing Machine-toilet.

Sevin Coskun, a Turkish inventor winner of the Green Gadgets 2008 competition, proposes a hybrid between washing machine and toilet to get us to consume less water. Your Washup, as we see in the image, bases its operation on connecting the water outlet and inlet of the washing machine and toilet respectively, with which all

They Make Public 530,000 Potential Sites In The World For Pumped Hydroelectric Plants

There are approximately a total of 530,000 potentially viable pumped hydropower storage sites around the world, with a total storage potential of some 22 million GWh. These staggering figures come from a recently published report by Professor Andrew Blakers and other researchers from the RE100 Group at the Australian National University. Pumped hydroelectric plants already

Ford E-bike Concept. Ford Electric Bike Prototype.

The Ford E-Bike Concept is designed to put Ford’s knowledge of electric mobility into practice. Ford has no production plans for this electric bike model, but will continue to work on the idea alongside other future mobility solutions. The core of the design is a trapezoidal box. It is made of aluminum and carbon and