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Portable Toilet, Without The Need For Installation Or Water, Capable Of Evaporating 95% Of The Waste Water

2.6 billion people around the planet do not have access to safe toilets. In addition to affecting their health, women and girls “ face high rates of violence when they do not have access to safe and decent sanitation ,” according to biochemist and businesswoman Diana Yousef, executive director of Change WATER Labs. She is

This Electric Aircraft Will Be Able To Perform Commercial Flights In 10 Years

An American startup closed a commercial alliance with EasyJet to develop a 100% electric plane with 150 seats. The electric car is already a reality, although the worldwide deployment is still missing. The American startup Wright Electric, likely allusion to the Wright brothers, pioneers of aviation – wants to put a 100% electric commercial airplane

Algae For The Production Of Zero Emissions Beer

Australian brewery Young Henrys is working to combat climate change with an unusual ingredient: algae. The fermentation process that takes place during beer production releases large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which can contribute to climate change. It takes about two days for a tree to absorb the CO2 released by the production of a

The Underwater Robot That Can Help ‘reforest’ The World’s Coral Reefs

Corals are seriously threatened by the current environmental situation. But there is hope, an underwater robot that grows larvae that endure warm waters. Corals are seriously threatened by destructive fishing practices, pollution, and warming waters. As a result, corals lose their symbiotic algae and living tissues become transparent. This affection annihilates them. Robotics for the

Microsoft’s Underwater Data Centers Use Less Power And Record 8 Times Fewer Errors Than Land-based Ones

Earlier this summer, marine specialists uncovered a ship-container-sized data center covered in algae, barnacles and sea anemones from the seafloor of Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The recovery launched the final phase of a multi-year effort that demonstrated that the subsea data center concept is feasible, as well as practical from a logistical, environmental and economic point