Category: Green Technology

Greenrail, Turning Railways Into Clean Energy Producers

This solution uses new technology to make sleepers more efficient, reduce waste and generate clean energy. While innovation, design and technology have transformed most traditional industries, some things have remained unchanged for centuries. In the railway industry, concrete sleepers have remained virtually unchanged since they were first introduced in the early 20th century. Until now?

The “infinitely” Recyclable Polymer, With The Properties Of Plastics, The Hope To End Them

The world fell in love with plastics because they are cheap, strong, light and durable. Those same properties are turning plastics into an enemy of the earth, they are polluting our planet by land and sea. Chemists from Colorado State University have announced in the journal Science another big step towards sustainable and waste-free materials

Algae For The Production Of Zero Emissions Beer

Australian brewery Young Henrys is working to combat climate change with an unusual ingredient: algae. The fermentation process that takes place during beer production releases large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which can contribute to climate change. It takes about two days for a tree to absorb the CO2 released by the production of a