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Our Garden. Biodegradable And Fertilized Pot

The Nuestro Huerto project, by industrial designer Matías Salinas, seeks to create a family of products based on the reuse of vegetable waste and paper. The first of these is a biodegradable and fertilized pot made by the process of molding at high temperatures. This product is ideal for sowing starches as it is biodegradable

Uses And Applications Of Diatomaceous Earth

Image: FotoHelin – Shutterstock. Diatomaceous earth is a component that is present in many insecticides. However, it has wide uses in industry and in the home. Know its usefulness for the garden, to remove lice and as a dewormer, among other uses. Diatomaceous earth is made up of the fossilized remains of very small aquatic

Free Book: Consume Less, Live Better

Today we share the book Consume Less, Live Better : Practical Ideas for a More Conscious Consumption. Its author is Toni Lodeiro. Related: Living without money. Mark Boyle has done it. ” Consume Less, Live Better ” is a book that can be read for free online or purchased in its printed version. In its

Young Italians Create A New Super Efficient System To Convert Any Organic Waste Into Compost

With the goal of “turning any waste into something good” , six young Italian biotechnologists and energy engineers have designed a sustainable system that allows the extraction of clean energy from organic waste and a restorative product for the earth, Nutriento, which retains moisture and encourages the natural bioactivity of soils. The promoters of the

Sahara Forest; Or How To Produce 130,000 Kg Of Food Per Year In A Sustainable Way In The Desert

Turn the desert into a green, sustainable and more livable place. It is an ambitious goal, but the Sahara Forest project is going for it, which has launched in one of the driest areas of an already particularly arid country, Jordan, high-tech facilities for greenhouse cultivation and outdoors. Water desalination, salt production and photovoltaic installations

Organic Germination Solution

An intelligent system designed to provide a safe haven for the seeds before they are transplanted into the ground when it is time to sprout. The little plates fit together and assemble like a puzzle, providing a secure medium where we can grow our seeds. The material is organic and decomposes harmlessly. Designer: Trinidad Gana.