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California Promotes Solar Power To Low-income People With Installation Incentives And On Bills

Shutterstock Image There are countries where the switch to solar energy is encouraged, and others where it is taxed. The former includes the United States and, specifically, the state of California, which has a line of action that focuses its attention on populations with fewer resources to favor the transition to renewables. The initiative, with

Triton, The Self-sufficient Marine Buoy

Triton is a self-supporting buoy that can be quickly deployed at port entrances for temporary or permanent navigation direction. The system is respectful with the environment since it only uses wind and solar energy for its power. It is a great improvement over current buoy types. Designer: Dr. Hakan G├╝rsu for Designnobis.

Professions That Will Skyrocket In 2018

The future of the work professions will be determined by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. These technologies will make some jobs disappear in the long term, but they will also create new fields of work. However, we should not expect current jobs to simply disappear, but we can expect them to be redefined and adapted

The Wynn Casino Not Only Offers Roulettes, Slots And Poker Tables: They Are Also Committed To The Environment

Country Club Wynn Las Vegas. Image: Rakkandee Shutterstock The Wynn Las Vegas hotel, casino, resort and country Club demonstrates its commitment to the environment by marking a milestone in the adoption of renewable energy as a power source for its facilities. And it is that last year, in 2018, they joined the Green Power Association

Powerbarn, A Bioenergy Plant That Feeds 84,000 Families

In the rural commune of Russi, in northeastern Italy, the Italian architecture studio Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti has converted an industrial area that was previously used for sugar production into Powerbarn, a sustainable bioenergy production plant. Inspired by sustainability, the architects drew up a master plan that integrated architecture into the agricultural landscape and restored and