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Solar Bluetooth Headphones That You Never Have To Charge

Solar Bluetooth headphones so you always have them charged with clean energy and forget about those lucky cables. Bluetooth headphones drain the battery quickly, the solution? Solar Bluetooth Headphones! The surface of the solar panel is perfectly integrated into an ergonomic design. The big difference you will notice is that your headphones will always work

Saudi Arabia Works With Sandstorm Proof Solar Panels

Shutterstock Image The Riyadh solar megaproject poses considerable challenges. Scientists at the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology are trying to solve some of their big problems. When Saudi Arabia and Softbank announced the world’s largest solar project, a pharaonic plan to build 200 GW of solar panels in the desert, one of the

Double-sided Solar Panels And Solar Tracking System: The Best Solution

The best combination of technology for photovoltaic energy? Double-sided solar panels and solar tracking system. This is the recipe of a group of scientists in Singapore, to obtain the best performance in most of the terrestrial photovoltaic systems. Carlos Rodríguez-Gallegos and his colleagues from the Solar Energy Research Institute have signed the new study published

First Public Installation In Spain Of A Hybrid Solar System, Electricity And Free Hot Water

Fire Station 1 in the Picarral neighborhood in Zaragoza will be the first public building in Spain to have a hybrid solar installation (photovoltaic – thermal panels) for self-consumption, which produces electricity and heat (hot water) simultaneously. The installation consists of 28 hybrid solar panels, which allow both the production of electricity and heat for

Hybrid Solar Generator

A researcher from Duke University, Nico Hotz, has designed a system to make our home independent from the company that provides electric power: a hybrid system able to take advantage of sunlight so much to generate electricity how to produce hydrogen. During the day the house uses the electrical energy produced by thesolar panelsAnd when night