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Watly. System That Supplies Drinking Water, Renewable Energy And Internet To 3,000 People

Watly is a solar energy system specially designed for developing countries, it is capable of storing electricity, purifying water and connecting local residents to the Internet. After piloting a prototype of the system in Ghana, the company prepares to create Watly 3.0, a larger machine that can generate more renewable energy. Watly was funded through

They Develop A Solar Cell With A Record Efficiency Of Almost 50%

The NREL laboratory achieves the new world record in multi-junction photovoltaics, both with concentrated light and under “natural lighting”. NREL’s new “six junction” solar cell consists of 140 layers of materials, but is thinner than hair. New world record in multi-junction photovoltaics. A group of researchers from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy

The First Solar-table That Generates Clean Energy

A design by ArtesMoble, manufactured and designed entirely in Spain, capable of generating and storing clean and free energy thanks to the sun. An innovative design, beautiful aesthetics, ecological and autonomous, which generates solar energy for the different devices that can be connected to it. It is manufactured in two sizes: 160 x 100 x

The World’s Largest Artificial Sun Shines In Germany With An Intensity 10,000 Times Greater Than That Of Sunlight Anywhere On Earth

The largest artificial sun in the world has been shining, since March, in the German city of Jülich. Specifically, it does so in Synlight, a research building in which the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will try to produce hydrogen on a large scale for industrial application, which is why it has designed this huge sun

A New Solar Collector With Heliostats That Share Motor And Support Reduces The Price Of This Technology By 33%

Cost efficiency is a general maxim that is strictly followed in the concentrated solar energy universe. Along these lines, an American startup could turn the market around with an innovative solar collector design in which the heliostats no longer have their own motor and subjection to share it. The change is substantial because it achieves

Cybersecurity Arrives For Solar Energy Installations

Cybersecurity photovoltaic installations. Image: ra2 studio – Shutterstock. The University of Arkansas (UoA) has announced that its engineering researchers are currently developing digital defenses for solar power systems. After receiving $3.6 million in funding from the U.S. Office of Solar Energy Technologies, Alan Mantooth, professor and director of the electrical engineering college, will lead a