Category: Sustainable Architecture

Curb That Recycles Rainwater

The main objective of the project, called Urban-Block, is to directly reuse the water from the rain, preventing it from entering the public sewer and thereby being purified or lost. As Antonio López, Prototec’s head of R&D, explains, the filtering system “is made through porous materials and ecological resins, capable of blocking granules from 0.5

The Lego-style Plastic Brick Houses That You Can Build Yourself

The purpose of this project is to  transform plastic and rubber garbage into an alternative construction system for temporary and permanent homes, and other buildings. An inexpensive and accessible raw material anywhere in the world. A construction system 30% cheaper than traditional systems in rural areas. Plastic Concepts is a project by the Colombian architect

Solatube. Natural Lighting System Without Electricity

The Solatube natural lighting system captures light through a ceiling dome and channels it down through a proprietary internal reflective system. The tube fits between the joists and is easily installed without structural modifications. Solatube is a high-performance natural lighting system. Among its advantages we can highlight: maximum use of natural light without entering heat