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How To Plant Garlic In The Garden

In the northern hemisphere we are in the season to sow garlic, normally they are sown in mid-autumn and they are one of the crops that will spend the most time in the land of our gardens, but it really is a tremendous satisfaction to later harvest them in addition to all benefits that they

How To Germinate The Lotus Flower

How to germinate the lotus flower Image: Ditta – Shutterstock Who has not ever seen, a beautiful photo of a lotus flower in its maximum splendor. It is a beautiful flower that we can have ourselves, and oddly enough we don’t need much space to grow it. The care we have to take with it

How To Make And Use Nettle Slurry

Nettle slurry is one of the home remedies that can not be missing in our garden or urban garden, it has so many properties and so many uses that it will seem magical. It is one of the most used remedies in organic farming and always with excellent results, it will serve us both to

Planters For Home Gardens

To have a garden at home, to grow in small spaces, the first thing we must take into account is the organization, making the most of our space, each hole will be very useful. Any small space can be adapted to grow. When choosing the location we must take into account that the plants need

How To Make A Free Ladybug House

Ladybugs have always been closely linked to spring and the countryside, they are great collaborators in the garden and stabilizers of pests such as aphids, in the garden they are the perfect allies to keep them at bay and protect our small plants. Ladybugs have long declined their population and now it is much more