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How To Get Tomato Seeds

Image: Shutterstock. Many times it is interesting to get and obtain our own seeds from the vegetables that we grow ourselves, either because it is an interesting variety to keep or because it is quite resistant to diseases and pests or simply to save us some money, which in these times it doesn’t hurt at

How To Germinate Chestnuts At Home

For those of us who like to investigate and experiment at home germinating seeds or trying to grow plants from a clone, knowing that we can germinate our own chestnuts from some chestnuts that we buy in the supermarket or also from chestnuts that we can collect in autumn in many of our forests or

How And Why To Plant Sage In The Garden

Aromatic herbs are a fundamental part of any garden, not only because of their aromas or because they serve as a condiment in the kitchen or for our personal care, but because it also helps us to have a more productive garden thanks to pollinators and in other cases it helps us to fight or

How To Reproduce Rosemary By Cutting

One of the aromatic stars that we can have in our urban garden or kitchen is  rosemary.  It helps us to prepare delicious dishes or preserves and also provides many benefits to our body in teas or ointments. Today we are going to see how simple it can be to reproduce a rosemary branch to

How To Make A Homemade Sprout System

Today we will learn how we can make a system of homemade sprouts in a simple and economical way. With a little ingenuity we can make a system of homemade sprouts that will occupy only 60 x 40 cm with a height of 1.70 meters, with 5 reusable plastic trays to have the option of

Melisa: Cultivation And Harvest

Image: Ilina Yuliia – Shutterstock. Melissa is a plant known for its calming and relaxing properties, widely used as a sedative for nervous and anxiety states. Here are some indications for its cultivation. Exposure : sun or half shade. Propagation : seed. Nutritional requirements : demanding in N. Parts of the plant used : leaves.

How To Plant Garlic In The Garden

In the northern hemisphere we are in the season to sow garlic, normally they are sown in mid-autumn and they are one of the crops that will spend the most time in the land of our gardens, but it really is a tremendous satisfaction to later harvest them in addition to all benefits that they

How To Germinate The Lotus Flower

How to germinate the lotus flower Image: Ditta – Shutterstock Who has not ever seen, a beautiful photo of a lotus flower in its maximum splendor. It is a beautiful flower that we can have ourselves, and oddly enough we don’t need much space to grow it. The care we have to take with it