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The World’s First Typhoon-resistant Wind Turbine, Could Generate Japan’s Power For 50 Years

A Japanese engineer “has found” a solution to harness the energy generated by the destructive typhoons, which regularly hit Japan. Atsushi Shimizu has invented the world’s first typhoon wind turbine, an egg-beater-like contraption designed to harness the immense energy of storms as a renewable energy source. Shimizu believes that the energy from a typhoon could

Serrated Teeth On Blades To Increase The Energy Production Of Wind Turbines

Serrated teeth wind turbine blades. Image: Bernd Zillich – Shutterstock. Researcher Elena Llorente Trujillo, in her doctoral thesis, has studied how the installation of serrated teeth on the trailing edge of the blades influences the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines. Their results could increase the efficiency of wind turbines. These devices and their effectiveness in