Children’s Beekeeping Manual

Beekeeping Manual for Kids

This manual aims to give some basic knowledge about beekeeping work, especially to the smallest of the house.

Beekeeping is a practice in which through the care of bees we obtain direct benefits (honey, pollen, propolis …) and indirect (pollination of plants).

A complete definition would be “the applied science that studies the honeybee and that through the use of technology, economic benefits are obtained.

The exploitation of bees has always aroused human attention. This is manifested in the increase of people who join their productive exploitation.

We must know that for the proper management of hives, regardless of the number we have, we have to take several important factors into account, such as climate, natural resources, diseases and knowledge on the part of the beekeeper.

Manual index:

  1. Knowledge of bees.
  2. Factors to consider for the installation of an apiary.
  3. Swarm acquisition.
  4. Installation, maintenance and management of apiaries and hives.
  5. Beehive management practices.
  6. Pests and diseases of bees.
  7. Beehive products.
  8. Multiplication of hives.
  9. Reproductive life of the hive.

You can see the full manual here.

Manual written by Alfredo Flamenco, Ernesto Hernández and Eugenia Torres.

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