China Byd Will Manufacture 4,473 Electric Buses For Guangzhou

First 1,000 electric buses for Paris
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The manufacturer wins the contract to supply more than four thousand electric buses in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The Chinese city of Guangzhou, with its 14.5 million inhabitants and thriving economy, is one of the most industrialized and polluted urban centers in China and the world. To solve at least part of these problems, shared and electric mobility has been chosen with two public tenders for a total of 4,810 electric buses.

Most of these tenders (4,473 vehicles in total) were awarded to the Chinese manufacturer BYD, the undisputed leader in the electric bus sector. The total value of the two tenders exceeds 5.5 billion yuan, or about 700 million US dollars. Figures that almost ridicule the Delhi Government’s previous record purchase of 1,000 electric buses.

The nearly 5,000 electric buses will be acquired by Guangzhou Yiqi Bus Company Limited, The Second Bus Company, Guangzhou No.3 Bus Company, Guangzhou Trolleybus Company and Guangzhou Mahui Bus Company Limited.

Most are 8-8.6 meters long battery-electric buses, making them small vehicles capable of carrying relatively few passengers, but more agile in urban traffic. However, there are hundreds of electric buses of 10, 11 and 12 meters.

The next step for BYD will be to sign the contracts and start production of the vehicles. The delivery date is not yet known, but it is clear that it will be years before we see all these electric buses on the streets of Guangzhou.

It will also be delayed because each of the operators that bought the buses will now have to build the charging stations. The city of Guangzhou itself may also have to upgrade its power grid, to withstand the overload caused by the thousands of buses being charged at once.

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