Chinese Manufacturer To Train Unemployed Americans From Coal In Wind Power For Free

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Goldwind, a Chinese manufacturer of wind turbines, is launching a pilot program of free training for unemployed workers in the coal industry in Wyoming, in the United States, who want to recycle and work in the construction and maintenance of wind power plants.

The announcement surprises both in time and space. In time, because it has coincided with the decision of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to abandon the Paris Agreement with the argument that compliance with the commitments will result in the loss of jobs in the coal industry.

As for space, the decision of the US branch of Goldwind shocks because Wyoming is one of the most hostile states to wind energy in the United States, even a tax on energy generated from wind operates in it.

Despite all of the above, Wyoming is not only the main coal producer in the country, but it is also an ideal area for the installation of wind plants due to its strong winds. In addition, the rate of job destruction in the coal industry, which left 6,000 workers on the streets last year alone, makes this state one of the most suitable for implementing this pilot measure, which will start imminently with a series of information sessions.

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Golwind will offer free training in installation and maintenance of wind power plants, which will also include training in occupational safety and climbing, an aspect that will be trained in a plant in the state of Montana. With these courses, the unemployed coal workers will acquire the necessary skills to work as technicians in wind plants, one of the profiles with the most projection in the US labor market.

In addition to the growth predictions in the demand for personnel trained in this field, in the specific case of Wyoming , Goldwing plans to supply up to 850 wind turbines for a project in Carbon County, for which it is expected that about 200 workers will be needed. specialized.

“If we can take advantage of this market and, in addition, help people who may be experiencing difficulties in the current labor market, we will be in a win-win situation,” said David Halligan, head of Goldwing in the United States, in statements to The New York Times.

The initiative of the Chinese manufacturer, which can offer hundreds of workers in the state of Wyoming who see how the coal industry is in decline, will start with this pilot to, if it works, extend this offer of free professional reconversion to other states of the country where it supplies wind turbines, such as Texas.

More information at Goldwind.


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