Circo Roncalli: The Cruelty-free Circus That Uses Holograms Instead Of Animals

Holograms instead of animals and the goal of cruelty-free shows: the magical circus of the future is called Roncalli.

The Roncalli Circus represents the new cruelty-free frontier of traveling shows. Abandoning the anachronistic and cruel use of animals, this German circus has always been committed to promoting alternative and innovative shows.

Circo Roncalli: the story.

Circus Roncalli. Image: Flocu Shutterstock

Founded in 1976 by Bernhard Paul and André Heller, the name of the circus is inspired by a movie title, but also reminiscent of the popular Pope John XXIII.

In 1986 it was the first circus to perform in East Germany, a country controlled at that time by the Soviet Union.

In recent times he has risen to fame thanks to the innovative way in which he proposes his shows.

The presence of animals is guaranteed by holograms made with 11 powerful projectors of very high resolution, multi-color laser technology. The luminous projections of fish, horses and elephants will blow your mind and amaze young and old.

Clowns and acrobats, representatives of the classical circus tradition, come together with technology, capable of providing a unique experience to its spectators.

This makes it a unique and cruelty-free circus that we hope can be an inspiration for other circuses around the world.

The use of animals is anachronistic and not very educational for children, an audience that is mainly aimed at this type of show.

The virtual reality created thanks to the technological support allows to live a unique experience without sharing the suffering of the animals in a cage. Animal shows are less and less popular.

Among his next challenges, the founder also wants his circus to be plastic-free.

From a legislative point of view, many countries are already banning this type of animal show.

An excellent example of how to reconcile art and entertainment with respect for life and freedom.

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