Citysens, The Modern Version Of The Shelf For Traditional Plants

Citysens presents its bet of shelving for plants of the future. No extravagances with a thousand lights and buttons: they bet on a minimalist, practical, adaptable and sustainable design.

We all like green. Whenever we can, we escape to the mountains to disconnect from daily stress. Cities do not usually have enough green spaces and the same thing happens at home. We know that plants at home give life, relax, even cleanse the air of toxic volatile organic compounds released by cleaning products, tobacco or cars. Even so, we do not have the plants that we would like because we do not have time to take care of them, or we do not have many spaces with natural light, and they end up dying.

Citysens proposes a new solution : a modular and adaptable plant shelf. Through a minimalist design, Citysens proposes us to assemble our own vertical structure with trays and rods, to make the most of the little space we have next to the window or on the balcony.

The round wooden rods allow you to create a thousand different configurations, from a structure attached to the wall, through a screen, to a square structure with plants on all 4 faces. Everything is possible. Once the structure is assembled, its stability can be ensured and the plants placed directly on the trays, which have already been designed with a flange that prevents irrigation water from falling to the ground.

According to Citysens, the future of plant care at home is about adaptability. In other words, that the products ADAPT to our needs. In this way we optimize resources, avoid accumulating things that we do not need and we are more sustainable. In this line of thought, the Citysens shelving is accompanied by several kits that add value to the product:

  • Kit of matching pots, which gives a great aesthetic coherence to the whole.
  • Automatic watering kit. Ideal for the clueless or those who have time problems. Citysens has designed an automatic drip irrigation kit for the shelf, adaptable to the water needs of each plant.
  • Kit of purifying plants, which in addition to giving life, cleanse the home air of toxins.
  • Sensor kit for plants. What plants can you put in each corner of the house? Sufficient light, adequate temperature, irrigation needs … the plant sensor will tell you if the plants you put in each space have enough light, temperature, water and nutrients to grow.
  • Citysens collaborates with the Planteaenverde project to propose a kit that turns the shelf into a true indoor urban garden full of aromatic plants.
  • And for families with children at home, they will also have the option of a Montessori guide to discover nature as a family through the Earlychildfood project from Cordoba .

The Citysens shelving will be manufactured between Alicante and the Basque Country, using 100% recycled polypropylene (black version) and 100% recyclable (white version), and FSC-certified beech wood. Once the components are manufactured, they are taken to the Santa Teresa Foundation (El Vendrell, Tarragona), where people with different abilities at risk of social exclusion take care of all the details of the assembly and packaging of the product, with the aim that the Citysens shelving reaches our houses in perfect condition.

To make the new plant shelf possible, CitySens has launched a crowdfunding campaign. The objective of the campaign is to raise € 10,000 to finance the first manufacture of the product and validate which version of the product.

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