Clean Graffiti

If you visit most cities around the world, you will surely see some graffiti. San Francisco and Montreal are full of colorful murals, and you will find similar art in Moscow or Buenos Aires. Reverse Graffiti works a bit differently: Artists create images on soiled surfaces – cleaning in areas with scrapers and cleaning brushes. The effects can be surprisingly beautiful, as you can see in the following images:

Scott wade
Scott wade

Another type of Graffiti, this one that is more modern and that does not get dirty is the Halo. Led graffiti, another way to keep the walls clean.

In the UK, Paul Curtis, better known as “Moose”, is one of the pioneers of the technique. Although based in London, he has traveled the world, creating images for clients such as Smirnoff.

Moose teamed up with Fotorater founder Marc Cameron to create images of green cars like the Tesla Roadster in Munich.


The Brazilian eco-artist Alexandre Orion, transformed a tunnel in Sao Paolo into a mural a few years ago. Another Brazil-based street artist, Drin Cortes, creates incredible work in underpasses across the country.

It just goes to show that beauty can be created in the most unlikely places, and almost any material can be an art medium in the right hands.

Alexandre orion
Alexandre orion

In the R movement he always tries to convey this message from the most original and fun aspect possible. Last year, they celebrated it with the premiere of the online series “3R and action”, this year, they celebrated it with “clean graffiti”. We call it clean, since instead of dirtying, they have literally cleaned the walls with a steel brush. Axecolours are the artists who carried out this action as R.

Images:  Moose (Paul Curtis) ,  Alexandre Orion ,  Drin Cortes ,  Ruth Feeney,  and  Tarryn Raffan.

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