Compact Watercube, The Machine That Converts Solar Energy Into Drinking Water

Compact WaterCube

Humanity has several fronts open for its future survival on earth, including the lack of clean water. The people of Ap Verheggen are working to provide solutions to this problem. They design creative forms of supply for areas where water cannot be easily obtained, particularly in very hot places with high humidity.

WaterCube is his latest invention. A 50-centimeter stainless steel cube, externally lined with solar cells, which incorporates a cooling device to cool an inverted cone and thus condense the humidity from the environment to obtain drinking water.

Compact WaterCube

The Watercube consumes 25 watts of power. The small solar panels on the top and sides of the cube produce 40 watts, which allows them to store excess energy in batteries for days with worse sun conditions.

Compact WaterCube2

The amount of water produced depends on the weather conditions. The higher the temperature, the more water the device will produce.

Compact WaterCube3

His goal is that many people will be able to enjoy their own source of drinking water in the future, especially in areas affected by drought. They continue to investigate to achieve new challenges such as the WaterDrop, the device that produces drinking water with solar energy in the desert.

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