Composter Aerobin200. Compost With Organic Waste From The Home And Garden

Compost with organic waste from home and garden

The composter we use: Aerobin, a technological innovation for home and garden waste management. With it you can take advantage of the organic remains of the home and garden, to create a high quality natural fertilizer (compost) quickly, cleanly and easily.  Composting is the process by which organic matter decomposes, and becomes an excellent compost used both in agriculture and gardening.

What takes years in nature following the rhythm of the seasons, with a composter is done in a short time. To make a good compost, it is not necessary to know in detail all the degradation and transmutation processes that, through the incessant activity of innumerable microbial populations that are making compost. The ultimate goal is to obtain a product that gives life and fertility to our land.

When talking about compost we enter a complex world in which the end result goes beyond being a simple recycling process, in which substances of plant or animal origin are recovered to turn them into food for plants. We are facing the process of life itself. Making and using compost is, in short, collaborating in the creation and perpetuation of life in its broadest concept.

The Aerobin composter is easy to use – you just open, drop and close. After a short period of time, compost will be produced, which can be easily removed from either side of the bin. The system uses a patented lung ® or vent core located inside a sealed reservoir to promote aerobic decomposition of organic matter, a method considered by experts to be the most effective. It is a system that is increasingly used even among neighboring communities.


In the following graph you can see the whole process. The thermal insulation of the Aerobin conserves heat, which helps the biomass decompose more quickly and is effective throughout the year, even in the coldest regions. There is no need to remove or worry about maintenance and it has been designed to be odor, pest and rodent proof and can eliminate harmful weeds and seeds on its own.


We can regularly add a mixture of wet materials such as food scraps, vegetable waste, fruit peels, coffee grounds, grass clippings, as well as dry materials such as leaves, twigs or newspaper into the tank since the decomposition of the material is so fast that there will always be enough space. By composting our household waste we contribute positively to the environment, using aerobic composting instead of throwing your food scraps and garden waste into the garbage, waste that ends up in landfills.

This composter is designed to offer us aerobic hot composting throughout the year. Hot composting removes pathogens, weeds, and their seeds and creates high-quality compost in no time. Aerobic composting also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and odors. The bad smell is due to the greenhouse gas methane, which is 21 times more powerful than CO2 (Carbon dioxide).

The technology of this modern composter has been developed by an Australian company, born as a result of concern for the carbon cycle of planet Earth. This composter has been subjected to rigorous quality controls with the aim of achieving the highest composition performance against the best composting units in the world by the Center for Environment and Biotechnology at Swinburne University of Technology.

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We have acquired our composter on the website, where you can buy it online and find all the information you need about the Aerobin200 L. You can also write to their email:, or through Twitter: @AerobinINFO. After more than 5 years of use, it is still standing as the first day and always in operation, without rest.

If we learn to do it well, we will promote with our work the creation of fertile soil, we will bring fertility to the earth and we will enhance its life and its biodiversity. In exchange for our work and as a final result of improving the conditions of a soil, making it more alive and vital every day, we will obtain healthy and life-promoting food. The same vitality that we generate on earth, she returns it to us in the form of food that nourishes our body and increases our vitality.

For those who still have doubts, I will show you just some of the advantages of composting:

  • We save on fertilizers. Making compost with our remains we will not need to buy fertilizers or substrates, since we will have them at home for free and of great quality.
  • We will save on garbage collection. It is estimated that between 40 and 50% of a household garbage bag is made up of organic waste. It is an absurd expense to pay for these remains and those from pruning and mowing the lawn to be collected, moved and piled up so that they rot or burn – often tens of km away – being able to transform them into a rich compost in our own home or immediate environment with the consequent savings.
  • We will help reduce pollution. The closer we take advantage of organic waste, the more fuel consumption for transportation will be reduced, there will be less accumulation of waste in landfills and we will contribute to a significant reduction of toxic substances and harmful gases in them, since organic waste is rot (anaerobic system), wrapped with all kinds of inorganic materials. Of course we will also avoid the pollution produced by burning them.
  • We will improve the health of the land and plants. The compost obtained from our organic waste can be used to improve and strengthen the soil of lawns, shrubs, trees and orchards, with an assimilation quality incomparably superior to that of chemical substances or substrates of unknown origin that we buy, since compost invigorates the soil and favors the activity of microbial life, prevents erosion and leaching of nutrients and in general enhances and favors all the biological activity of the soils, which is the best guarantee to prevent pests and diseases in the vegetables.

Cheer up, you will help the planet almost without realizing it.

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