Connected Modular Tents For Getaways With Family And Friends

Modular tents

If you are one of those who enjoy camping in nature and also enjoy even more the more company you have, you may want to take a look at these impressive tents designed by  M2C Innovation. These tents are modular and the ideal solution for large families who enjoy nature. Weather resistant, these tents offer a cozy home outdoors, no matter the weather.

Modular tents3

The tents have a capacity of 4 to 8 people depending on the model. But best of all, they are modular and you can join as many as you have, creating miniature rooms for couples or children. In a way, these tents can function as little houses in the desert.

Modular tents1

Modular tents Maxi

My only concern is the price. Currently, the Maxi size for 8 people comes to cost about $780 and the Mini $625. M2C launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign last year for a more expensive Elite model, which would have lowered the price of the Mini and Maxi. From the company they justify the price defending their products as top quality and respectful with the environment.

Modular tents4

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