Construction Begins On The Chinese Gac Plant To Manufacture 200,000 Electric Cars Per Year

As demand for electric cars expands in China, the GAC group (Guangzhou Automobile Group) intends that the manufacture of electric cars ‘made in China’ does not lag behind. For this reason, it has just promoted the construction of an industrial plant dedicated to the manufacture of autonomous electric cars in which, once the works are finished, up to 200,000 units will be produced per year.

The starting signal for production, and at this rate, is not expected before the end of next year, when the construction of these facilities will be completed, which will occupy more than three square kilometers of surface in the province of Guangdong, in the south of the country. The plant will be surrounded by a sustainable city where workers will stay once production starts.

Although the objectives set are modest compared to those pursued by other manufacturers, the company hopes that its initiative “will help promote the development of the Chinese automobile industry and boost economic growth,” according to its CEO, Yu Ju.

The project, in addition to strengthening the company’s position, intends to do the same with the Asian giant’s plans to contain its pollution levels.  “The planning and construction of this industrial park is a concrete step towards the sustainable development objectives of the Chinese Government for both Guangdong, and for the national strategy ‘Made in China 2025′” , underlines in this regard the head of the group.

The multi-million dollar investment in this plant will also be accompanied by the market introduction of new models of electric vehicles. In fact, following the introduction in January 2017 of GAC’s first electric car, the GE3, Yu Ju is now confident of introducing up to seven new models in the next five years.

With this objective in mind and with the goal of selling those 200,000 units per year by 2020, the Chinese plant will also produce three ranges: pure electric vehicles, hybrid cars and, also, Range-Extending or with a range extender; All of this in order for GAC to “lead the electric car business” and respond to the needs of a market, the Chinese, which is growing day by day, with hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles sold per year.

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