Cop 21, The Paris Agreements On Climate Change

COP 21, the Paris agreements on Climate Change

An agreement signed by 195 countries that seeks to fight against climate change. Meeting at COP 21 in Paris, the main agreement reached is that the temperature does not rise more than 2ºC in relation to pre-industrial levels, although 1.5ºC is set as a goal. A proposal that over the years, we hope to be wrong, will be difficult to achieve.

Although the agreement cites climate change as a pressing threat with potentially irreversible effects , the changes will not be as pressing as the threat. The objective is that from the middle of this century, the emissions caused by human activities are in balance with those that can be captured by natural or technological means.

The most developed countries, mainly responsible for polluting emissions in the past, are committed to leading emissions cuts. The currently developing countries, which depend on coal and oil for their energy generation, are committed to gradually changing polluting power generation sources to renewable energies.

Paris Agreement

The most developed countries also commit to financially support the least developed countries to fight against the effects of climate change and reconvert their polluting generation sources.

James Hansen, a physicist and climatologist at Columbia University, makes his opinion clear:

It is a fraud, a sham. It is bullshit that they say “we have a goal of lowering temperatures by 2 ° C and we will try to do a little better every five years.” They are empty words. No actions are taken, only promises are made. As long as we have the feeling that fossil fuels are the cheapest, we will continue to burn them.

James is considered the father of global awareness on climate change.


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