Cork, Much More Than A Stopper

Cork, much more than a stopper

When we hear the word cork, the image of a stopper for wine comes to our minds. It is such an everyday product, so present in our mind that sometimes we forget that the same material is used for many other things.

In the cork areas, this material has always been present in our daily belongings, having cork seats, cork spoons and bowls, containers to take food to the countryside as “tupper ware”, laundry corks and even highchairs for babies.

These articles of daily use have been gradually replaced by oil derivatives, infinitely more polluting than cork. CorchoporNaturaleza arises with the idea of ​​continuing to maintain these traditional products and they have also wanted to give it a more modern vision, making cork jewelery to wear at all times, bags for any occasion, purses, pens, covers for tablets, key rings and even umbrellas.

Cork extraction

CorchoporNaturaleza only sell online, and on their website they have a wide range of articles made with cork.

Cork is a material with many and very good qualities. It is waterproof, it is flexible, it is fire retardant, it is insulating and it is also a sustainable product. To obtain the cork, it is not necessary to cut down the tree, the cork oak is “uncorked”, by expert hands, every nine years, and the tree will continue to produce cork without suffering any damage. In fact, even today corks are removed from cork oaks over 500 years old.

Take out cork

With this work of cork extraction, it contributes to the conservation of one of the most biodiverse forests in the entire Mediterranean area, the cork oak forests. Which can boast of housing more than 400 species of animals and plants, many of them endemic, such as wild orchids, and animals in danger of extinction that have made these forests their last refuge, such as the Iberian lynx or the eagle. Iberian imperial.

Dehesa Cork

The physical location of corkporNaturaleza is not by chance, since this company is based in San Vicente de Alcántara (Badajoz), a town that is also known by the name of the Cork City, not in vain 80% of the stopper nationwide comes out of any of the 40 cork factories that this town has, being the industrial engine of the entire Region.

If you like sustainable products, and you want to discover all the culture associated with an ecological material such as cork, you cannot miss this website, since in addition to the store where you will find the most original articles, they have a blog at the one that promise to keep us up to date on everything related to cork. This same company also has a Rural House that was born 9 years ago with the idea of ​​making known as they themselves say ” one of the unexplored corners of Extremadura “, and during the summer that is when the cork extraction is carried out, they immerse you in full pasture so that you can see first-hand a cork bag, an authentic wonder to see how expert hands handle the ax to uncork the oak. We are sure that you will be surprised by the characteristic sound that this tool produces when hitting the trunk.

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