Costa Rica Works With 96.36% Of Renewable Energy In 2016

Costa Rica natural paradise

During the first half of 2016, Costa Rica generated 96.36% of its energy from renewable sources, according to data from the National Center for Energy Control of Costa Rica.

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Water and geothermal energy contribute the most, being essential for the operation of the National Electric System of Costa Rica. Between the two they add up to 83%.

In the last month, almost all of the country’s electricity has been generated without using fossil fuels. If they continue at this rate, in 2016 they will only have to resort to 2% thermal production. In 2015 it already generated more than 98% of its electricity generation from renewable sources.

Wind solar

Wind energy is the third generation.

The other two sources of renewable energy are biomass and solar, with 1.42%.

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CENCE data.

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