Curtains For Doors, Everything You Need To Know

Curtains for doors, everything you need to know

Summer has arrived, and with it the mosquitoes and the heat. Luckily, there are a thousand ways to enjoy only the good of this time of year. The door curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to get fresh air at home without requiring air conditioning and keep out mosquitoes.

Do you need a door curtain?

If, in addition to cooling your home and preventing the entry of insects, you would like an effective solution to separate spaces or achieve privacy at home, a curtain for doors from is also a good solution. As we will see, there are very varied models, with which you can give a different air to your home.

Another advantage of these curtains is that you can easily put them on and take them off. In this way, they are the ideal solution to use them temporarily in summer and then remove them when the hot season has passed.

Models of door curtains

You can use the curtains for exterior or interior doors and they are usually made of natural materials such as wood or bamboo, PVC (plastic) or aluminum. Basically, there are three types or styles: strips, ribbon and rib.

Strip door curtain

It is a very wide group, in which you will find curtains of all the mentioned materials. Among them, the well-known curtains with colorful curly plastic strips and those with metallic chains. There are not only colors, but also warm tones, wood color, etc. so you can combine them with your decoration.

Curtain for ribbon doors

When these strips are wider, we say that the curtains are made of tape. They are usually made of plastic and have a wider stud (the upper part where the tapes are attached). Just as there are very different colored ribbons, you can also choose the one with the stud, usually white, silver, bronze or gold, since it is usually made of aluminum. There are more opaque or more transparent, depending on the amount of light you want to pass through and the privacy you want to have.

Canutillo door curtains

You can find them both in metal, plastic and natural materials, and are characterized by being made up of small tubes (beads) joined by plastic or metal hooks. They are usually thinner and lighter and there are also countless colors and models to choose from. They are discreet and very appropriate curtains for rustic-style houses and also adapt to the most classic decorations.

What are fly curtains?

As you have seen, all these curtains protect to a greater or lesser extent from insects, since it is difficult for them to enter between the tapes, strips or beads. But fly door curtains have been specially optimized to prevent the passage of insects. They are very hygienic and, when closed, their straps are closer together, thus preventing the passage of flies. They are especially recommended for catering businesses, pastry shops, butchers and the like; and also a good idea for the kitchen door or your country house.

How to buy curtains for exterior doors

First of all, it is important that you choose the curtain taking into account the width and length of the door. Later we will indicate how to take these measures. Also take into account the characteristics of the color, aesthetics and level of ventilation that you are trying to achieve. Sometimes it is difficult to find all the characteristics you need and, at the same time, the right measurements for your door.

A good solution is to buy custom curtains online . There are specialized stores for this on the Internet, such as, where you can choose the model, color of the curtain and the upright and enter the measurements. Every day more people choose this purchasing system, since it allows them to choose the model comfortably from home, without having to go through store after store, and thus make a better decision to avoid disappointment.

Choose the right size

There are standard size door curtains (90 and 120 cm wide). If you think they don’t fit the size of your door or you fear they might be too long or short, simply measure the width and length of your door and provide them to your manufacturer. If you buy online, when you select the model, a form will normally appear where you can enter the measurements, and thus will make the curtains to measure without having to pay more for them

How to install door curtains

The curtains can be easily installed without outside help and without experience. First, the upright must be placed in the upper part of the door frame through two level holes (we recommend that you use a level) and dowels. Next, you have to place them in the hooks that you will find on the upright.

A good idea, if you do not decide on the color, is to buy several different ones that are compatible and combine them. Isn’t it a practical and fun solution for door curtains at the same time? You still have time to decorate your house this summer with curtains for doors.

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