Customizable Solar Kits, What Options Do We Have?

Self-consumption solar kit
Self-consumption solar kit. Image: Shutterstock

Generating your own energy, self-consuming what your solar panels produce, is one of the greatest satisfactions you can have, I assure you ???? But not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view. The price of the plates and other solar accessories that make up the so-called photovoltaic kits are now accessible to any individual or company.

Today we talk about the different options that the market offers us depending on the use that we are going to give it. A photovoltaic kit for a house will not be the same as one for an industrial warehouse, or one for a motorhome, we will take Solarplak’s solar kits as a guide.

Solar kits are made up of solar panels, they generate energy, batteries : they store energy, current inverter, converts energy into a usable format, charge regulator : essential for optimal battery charging.

The needs and characteristics of the different elements will vary depending on the use that we are going to give our photovoltaic kit. In this way we can distinguish: 

Photovoltaic kit for houses.

The proper sizing of a solar kit for homes will be made according to the consumption of the house or if you need or want to use batteries in the installation. Each house is different and based on that, the installation will have to be customized.

Think that it is not the same to install a photovoltaic solar kit for a house where a family lives every day, than in a farmhouse or a vacation or weekend home.

In the case of a single-family home, we must take into account the total consumption or when it is consumed, very important in the case of the inclusion of batteries in the installation. If the peak of consumption is made at hours of greater solar irradiation, it may be more interesting and economically viable to install more solar panels instead of batteries for night consumption.

Photovoltaic kit for industrial buildings.

In the correct dimensioning for an industrial warehouse, the size of the warehouse is very important, in addition to the consumption and hours of electricity consumption.

Time discrimination in consumption can make an industrial warehouse almost independent of the commercial electrical network, with the consequent economic savings. In cases where there is a night work load, batteries are a good option to use all the energy accumulated during the hours of sunshine.

Today, solar installations with lithium batteries ensure almost complete autonomy for companies.

The initial investment for this type of installation is much higher, but thanks to the amortization period, the economic benefits in the long run are assured.

Photovoltaic Kit for caravans, mobile homes or small farmhouses.

For this type of kits there are batteries that are specially prepared to operate in closed environments and that do not need maintenance, or at least not intensive maintenance.

The most suitable plates for this use are to provide energy autonomy for everything that is needed, normally there are no large consumptions. It is important to know the space available to place solar panels or batteries, especially in the case of caravans.

Solar Pumping Kit.

The photovoltaic kits are used with great success in water pumping, especially in cases of estates where there is no traditional power grid. In this type of situation a surface pump is used that we will feed with solar energy.

After talking about the different types of solar kits, you will have realized that one of their best features is that they are customizable, so they can be adapted to any type of use or installation that is needed.

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