Dacia, Renault’s Low-cost Manufacturer, Wants To Make The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

Dacia wants to make the cheapest electric car on the market

Dacia, the low-cost manufacturer of the Renault group, proposes its entry into the electric vehicle market. The announcement will take time to materialize, since the Romanian brand is waiting for market conditions to be favorable enough to launch a quality model and with a sufficiently competitive price, they want their electric car to be one of the most cheap from the market.

Dacia electric cars.

Hakim Boutehra, commercial director of the Renault group in Romania, was in charge of making the announcement, picked up by the media in this country. “The main trend in the automotive industry worldwide is more connectivity and more electric and autonomous vehicles , said Boutehra before pointing out that Dacia “is part of this transformation of the future.

This declaration of intent came shortly after French Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot announced on July 10 an ambitious plan for the energy transition whereby France will ban the sale of vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel starting in 2040. That year, “it is still far, but not so much, so we have plans for Dacia in that direction” , reacted to the new plan of the French Executive the head of Renault in Romania.

To move towards that terrain and launch its electric models on the market, Dacia awaits the right moment, which will come when the batteries that ensure sufficient autonomy will drop in price. In current conditions, it is very difficult for the Romanian manufacturer to launch an electric car adjusted to the price range of the brand, whose market niche is precisely that of simple units that present good performance, but a much more adjusted price than other competitors.

The future entry into force of new regulations for the containment of emissions that increase the costs of conventional vehicles may be another asset for Dacia which, once it enters the electric car industry, may put an end to one of its brakes models, in addition to their limited autonomy: the sale prices are far from the possibilities of many of the potential buyers.

While Dacia is biding its time, Renault has just released its results for the first half of the year. These data confirm the consolidation of the group in the electric vehicle market, with a market share of over 26% and its Renault Zoe as the best-selling electric model in Europe, according to information released by the group.

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