Denmark Opens The World’s First Supermarket That Only Sells Expired Food

Denmark opens the world's first supermarket that only sells expired food

Dairy products, meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, frozen foods. Everything a supermarket can offer on its shelves, with one difference: all the products that are for sale are expired, about to expire or have damaged packaging. Discounts go up to 50%. This is Wefood, the first supermarket in the world to sell food that would normally end up in the trash.

Fighting against food waste is something that is being fought in many places. A few days ago we were talking about “ Fruta Imperfeita ”, a Brazilian startup that sells fruits and vegetables with “factory” defects in their format or color and, although they are just as tasty and nutritious, they are discarded by the industry because they do not fit the aesthetic standard required for sale.

It has been opened in Denmark, by the NGO Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, which fights against food waste. The establishment is having great success among the residents of Copenhagen, where it is located. Two days after opening, and with queues at the door, its initial stock runs out.

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The food sold in this supermarket is donated by two of the largest supermarket chains in the country, Føtex and Danske Supermarked, in addition to local markets. The Wefood administration accepts all the food that is going to be thrown away. A group of volunteers classifies them deciding which one can be sold to the public without any risk to their health.

But the idea is not that the poorest families buy in this supermarket, also people with resources but who want to fight and do their bit to avoid food waste.

Would you buy in this supermarket?


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