#desnudalafruta Takes Over The Networks To Denounce The Overpacking Of Fruits And Vegetables

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An organic but over-packed fresh product? Something is wrong. It is one of the issues that # DesnudaLaFruta aims to make visible, a campaign launched on social networks by Isabel Vicente, an agricultural engineer and author of the blog La Hypothesis Gaia, and by Vivir sin plastic. The objective, to denounce the spiral of unnecessary plastic waste that is generated annually in Spain, and to raise awareness among consumers. “I was also part of the change. Don’t stay out ” , encourage the promoters.

And not a few have done so. So much so, that the onion wrapped in plastic in a polystyrene tray that stars in the iconic image of this campaign is gaining much popularity, with the permission of @HalfOnionInABag, another onion and another campaign, is launched in the United States in opposition to President Donald Trump.

Following the thread of the hashtag #DesnudaLaFruta accounts for the nonsense that is being advanced in the agri-food industry through images shared by consumers. Fruits and vegetables laminated in more ways than imaginable, wrapped and on a tray (including parsley branches), or in single-use containers, are some of the photos that have been added to this campaign and that illustrate the reality we face on virtually any purchase.

Faced with this trend, “change the world a little bit” is the message with which the promoters of this initiative call to join it. The reasons are also clear. “This is a ‘movement’ that aims to denounce the use abuse of plastic in the sale of some foods (sic)” , Vicente explains  in his blog. Reporting and raising awareness are important goals, but not the only ones. Urge reflection is there, no doubt. However, so is the change in the consumption model and, even, that the commercial surfaces give up these practices.

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“Someone stop this madness, nonsense or nonsense. I am tired and very tired of seeing vegetables and packaged greens. And, in many cases, one by one ” . It is necessary? The promoter of this campaign is asked in another entry on her blog. And the answer is that it is neither necessary nor sustainable.

But in addition, plastic packaging is not the most appropriate way to keep the product fresh. Do not be fooled, that extra effort and plastic is not put to your benefit. The fruit is not going to last any longer ” , the engineer clarifies at once about a growing trend that is due to pure marketing.

The rush, the lack of time to reflect, the comfort or, why not, the ignorance about the effects that all this plastic generates are elements that are behind the purchase of packaged food. To curb this trend, #DesnudaLaFruta invites anyone to capture and share snapshots of their own purchases. In addition to showing the most visible effects of this spiral, the initiative opens to the exchange of experiences to reduce the packaging in purchases and, of course, to the direct denunciation of the commercial surfaces that are more adept at unnecessary plastic.

“The campaign will last forever or until the supermarkets change their attitude towards the waste of materials” , point out the promoters. If they don’t, it won’t be because they lack alternatives for products that have always been sold by weight. Now, however, they contribute to continue expanding this new plastic continent that not only expands, but “now reaches our lungs and our tables . This is supported by the European Commission, which, by the way, is on the way to launching a new regulation before the summer to restrict single-use plastics. Perhaps then, the image of the onion that has popularized this campaign will disappear from the supermarket shelves.


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