Dland Toys Turns Used Packaging Into Curious Toys

Dland toys

DLand® was born with the aim of creating toys with an ecological and social background, to combat two problems, excess waste and the lack of toys in needy families.

Most of this waste will end up in landfills, incinerated or worse, forming part of our landscape, mountains of waste and oceans of plastic that grow day by day …

Dland toys

On the other hand, we know that there are millions of children who do not have toys … A team of creatives with experience in different fields came together to find solutions.

Conclusion; packaging is left over and toys are missing.

They thought about how to turn used containers into objects of desire … INTO TOYS !, to do it in seconds, anywhere and make it fun, REUSING THEM !.

They offer a tool to the population and especially to the little ones, who are the ones who have the future in their hands.

These tools must meet two basic requirements; That a child can do it without the help of adults and that it is economical.

Dland repurposed toys

In this way, each person has the ability to help the environment in an effective and instantaneous way.

The magic of turning something that is going to be thrown away into something that you want to take home.

Its business model ensures that for the purchase of a DLand toy, families in need receive one totally free, since the company invests part of the profit in this social action.

DLand® toys make the little ones go back to playing as they used to, stimulating their creativity and imagination, without the need for electronic devices …

The fewer things the toy does, the more things the child’s mind will do.

The first message they want to transmit to new generations is sustainability, reusing.

The second message is didactic, so that they can play together again, know how to share, emerging synergies when creating cities, where knowledge, experiences and personal qualities… enrich the whole group…

Imagine the impact that can be had by multiplying this action by millions of children!

DLand® also uses a fabric made from bottles recovered from the ocean to manufacture its toys and these are made and handled by people at risk of social exclusion, providing another added value to the project.

DLand® is based on 4 pillars which are:  ecology – solidarity – fun and learning.

A toy that goes further! A true tool to help the planet using communication and values ​​between adults and children through play.

More information: dlandtoys.com


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