Donald Trump. What Can We Expect From The President Who Denies Climate Change?


Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. During the electoral campaign he has left the world phrases and promises to be very concerned. A president who denies climate change and wants to save his country’s coal industry.

He thinks that global warming is due to natural causes beyond human control or has even declared that it is an invention of the Chinese.

Among the measures that he can take and that he has promised upon reaching the presidency of the world’s leading economic power we have:

  • Take the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Your energy plan is very harmful to the environment. You don’t want “foreign bureaucrats” to control your country’s energy.
  • He wants to liquidate Obama’s climate action plan.
  • Eliminate the clean energy plan.
  • He wants to save his country’s coal industry.
  • He wants to approve the permit for the Keystone pipeline (Canada – Gulf of Mexico), which was vetoed by Barack Obama.
  • Lift restrictions on fossil fuels.
  • He wants to boost the production of oil and natural gas.
  • Promote ” clean coal “.
  • He wants to eliminate the funding that his country is currently offering to UN programs to fight global warming.
  • Reduce funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.

With these and other measures that he wants to carry out, we can affirm without a doubt that Trump would accelerate global warming. Your policy will affect us all directly or indirectly. Remember that China and the United States are the two countries that emit the most greenhouse gases in the world.

According to some forecasts, if Trump carried out his energy measures, 3.7 million tons of extra carbon dioxide would be emitted into the atmosphere.


Will Trump be able to carry out all these initiatives? Hopefully not, but it must be clear that the environment will not have an ally in the White House.

Let’s hope that initiatives, such as that of the 375 American scientists (including 30 Nobel laureates), attacking Trump head on in relation to climate change, can put enough pressure on to dismantle these types of policies that are not going to benefit our planet.

Even actor Leonardo Dicaprio  has criticized Trump: “Someone who does not believe in climate change, who does not believe in facts, science, or empirical truths, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to occupy public charges”.


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