Dronecoria, Wooden Drones To Reforest The World That You Can Make Yourself

Opensource technology for global reforestation. A technology that wants to help combat the climate crisis by planting trees.

One of the ways to fight climate change and help our ecosystems is reforestation. To accelerate this process, Dronecoria is born; a suite of open source tools for low-cost, large-scale reforestation.

The system includes everything you need, from automated seed processing to drone planting. After five years of work and successful tests, they launch a crowdfunding campaign to complete the technology and share it with the world!

What is special about this technology?

We can list some of its advantages:

  • 10 times cheaper than manual reforestation methods.
  • Faster and less destructive to the environment than other methods.
  • The cheapest reforestation drone available, a fraction of the cost of similar drones.
  • Full-spectrum reforestation system that enables large-scale seedball production.
  • All technologies are open source. Download the files and do it yourself.

Drones are important, but they can’t do everything. Seeds are essential for successful reforestation. The seed bombs are an ideal solution for such projects are a special blend of nutrients that protect the seeds of extreme weather conditions, wildlife and lack of water.

This reforestation kit allows us to produce and test the best coatings for each seed, and share this information with everyone. Unlike other drone reforestation technologies that keep this part a secret, in Dronecoria they share the information and the machines so that anyone can make thousands of seed bombs in minutes!

You can collaborate with this project at: www.indiegogo.com

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